Powering personalized marketing and optimizing ROI

Moneo identifies in-store shoppers and captures their purchase data to help consumer brands in Mexico personalize, predict and optimize their digital ad spend and ROI.

We operate an AI-driven Rewards for Data platform that is accessible to all consumers, including millions of cash users and the unbanked, who are largely invisible to brands. The service is privacy-compliant and rewards users for voluntarily sharing their profile and purchase data.

We offer unrivaled, direct access to multi-retailer, SKU-level data from verified shoppers to help brands optimize their digital marketing.

Identify consumers in physical stores

Identify your consumers across multiple retailers, even if they pay in cash

Track purchases and build profiles

Track, profile and segment your most valuable consumers over time

Personalize, predict and optimize ad spend

Build powerful custom audiences to boost engagement, purchases and loyalty

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How we help

Our closed-loop platform allows us to link in-app promotions to in-store sales and create a single view of shopper behaviour with purchase data from multiple retailers.

Our shopper profiles are privacy-compliant and enable brands to segment their consumers and build powerful custom audiences based on their purchase and demographic data.

This empowers brands to deliver personalized marketing and to predict and optimize digital advertising.


Case study

Custom audience optimization to drive growth for a leading soft drink brand

Using purchase data from multiple physical retailers, we built custom audiences for five product promotions of a leading soft drinks brand. The brand was especially interested in our ability to identify and profile cash users.

We activated the promotions with personalized messages and tracked their performance across retailers.



Increase in engagement


Increase in purchase frequency

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Why now?

Consumer attention is increasingly on mobile devices in Mexico and Latin America. This has led to fast growth in mobile advertising -- Mexico is the 5th fastest growing market in the world.

Data powers digital advertising and drives results. But just when brands need more data, it's becoming more difficult to capture.

A pro-privacy world

In Mexico and across the globe, there are new privacy laws that make it harder to capture consumer data.

A cookieless world

In 2024, Google will end support for 3rd party cookies. This will greatly reduce the signals available to advertisers which will make it hard to deliver personalized marketing and promotions and will increase costs.

In addition, Mexico and Latin America continue to be cash-based economies. In Mexico, it's estimated that between 85% to 90% of payments are still made in cash. That means consumers are anonymous and leave no data footprint -- that's millions of shoppers and their data points that are currently invisible to brands.

Our vision

Enriching Lives, Empowering Brands

We believe

That in a pro-privacy, post-cookie world, brands that reward their consumers for sharing their purchase data will win

We connect

Brands directly to consumers and enable this exchange of value

We enrich

All consumers who voluntarily share their data, even those who pay in cash

We empower

Brands to personalize marketing and achieve better outcomes: customer engagement, loyalty and ROI

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